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Florida International University
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

While faith communities have historically played a unique role in bridging divides and spurring moral action to address social issues, there still remains, particularly amongst college students, a lack of awareness about the integral part that religion plays within society. Our increasingly pluralistic yet polarized world demands both a familiarity with and respect for multiple faith traditions in order to address the pressing problems of the 21st century. Hence, this two-year initiative focuses on the promotion of religious literacy, interreligious dialogue, and student leadership. Florida International University’s approach establishes (1) a university-wide religious literacy micro-credential, (2) an interdisciplinary cadre of professors who integrate this micro-credential into their curriculum, (3) an undergraduate course in interreligious dialogue, (4) an interreligious dialogue fellowship for students that includes a multifaith internship focused on leadership and relevant local issues, and (5) an annual interfaith community lecture. Once implemented, this initiative will help cultivate a community of practice that appreciates the pervasive nature of religion within our society while also honing the skills of future leaders and changemakers.