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Neighborly Faith
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

This project will plan seventy-five (105) interfaith leadership trainings and publish sixteen (16) curricular resources for evangelical college students over a two-year period. Neighborly Faith will do this by forging new faculty partnerships that facilitate in-class and co-curricular events at Christian colleges, and by planning interfaith events with Cru chapters. Most students and their leaders (faculty, staff) have no history with interfaith activities. These events will reach and train those students who do not normally opt-in to interfaith activities.

Outputs: The project’s primary outputs are events and training resources. Over the two-year project period, NF will host seventy-five (105) on-campus events that introduce students to other faiths and interfaith leadership. We will also publish and distribute sixteen (16) unique resources relating to interfaith leadership.

Outcomes: Through NF’s activities they hope to mainstream interfaith engagement among Evangelical college students and their leaders by training 10,000 students and engaging at least 100,000 more online with our publications.