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Seattle Children's Hospital
Palliative Care
Date Approved

The mission of the Palliative Care and Resilience (PCAR) lab is to develop and distribute evidence-based, early palliative care interventions to build resilience, alleviate distress, and improve quality of life among youth with serious illness and their families. To date, we created and proved the feasibility, acceptability, and efficacy of a novel skills-based resilience-building program called “Promoting Resilience in Stress Management” (PRISM). In randomized trials, PRISM improved quality of life, increased hope and benefit-finding, and minimized psychological distress compared to usual care. Despite PRISM’s potential, obstacles to its wider dissemination remain. This project will support the next key steps towards achieving our vision of making PRISM accessible to all youth with serious illness. Specifically, we will: (1) Develop and refine a digital version of the program (mPRISM); and, (2) Conduct a pilot dissemination and implementation study of mPRISM. Findings will inform larger optimization research and strategies for the program’s wide-spread delivery. Ultimately, this project will improve pediatric palliative care, further the evidence-base for palliative care, and close the gap in access to primary palliative care services like PRISM.