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Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges
Private Higher Education
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The Building Transfer Pathway Connections initiative will engage faculty and staff from 13 of the Virginia Foundation for Independent Colleges directly with pathways work through the Transfer Virginia initiative while building commitment to better serving transfer students on each campus. This grant will focus on three activities: The development of Transfer Guides that provide transparent and consistent academic information to students attending any of the Virginia Community Colleges. The onboarding of all 13 participating institutions as full partners in the Transfer Virginia portal. The development and implementation of a college action plan to address significant transfer challenges on campus or to improve their engagement with transfer students.
This consortium has a great opportunity to build their collective  transfer capacity and raise student awareness about the opportunities independent colleges offer.  This increased transfer awareness will (1) directly impact the number of students choosing an independent college as a transfer destination, (2) increase enrollment in four-year programs, (3) enhance efficiency related to degree credits and time,  (4) increase attainment of two and four-year credentials, and (5) improve the students’  academic and social experiences.