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Braver Angels
Private Higher Education
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In recent years, studies conducted by the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) and other organizations have indicated that many college students across the nation are reluctant or afraid to voice their political and social viewpoints on campus and in the classroom. Civil discourse has faltered as higher education settings have become increasingly polarized. Many college and university communities are inhospitable toward respectful political dialogue and hesitant to provide forums in which free expression and viewpoint diversity are modeled and upheld. Braver Angels, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, and BridgeUSA have partnered to forge an acclaimed program that teaches college students to honor ideological diversity, foster civil discourse on campus, and cultivate student and faculty leaders to carry the movement forward. With support from several foundations including AVDF, the College Debates and Discourse (CD&D) Alliance has drawn national recognition and acceptance among education leaders, faculty and students. The program is expanding rapidly, and demand exceeds our current capacity. To help us scale and implement our program at a diverse range of institutions across the nation, Braver Angels requests a $200,000 grant for a one-year period.