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Neighborly Faith
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

Neighborly Faith (NF) is addressing the need for interfaith leadership education at Evangelical colleges throughout America by organizing campus programs that energize faculty and students to adopt interfaith leadership. NF has discovered that the 150+ Evangelical campuses throughout the USA are not training interfaith leaders because (a) the colleges lack religious diversity and (b) they are not interested in non-Evangelical programs/resources on interfaith. NF is filling this gap with scalable interfaith leadership programs that are welcomed on Evangelical campuses. These programs connect with campus’s core faith commitments, energize students to envision themselves as interfaith leaders, and immediately connect students to opportunities to practice this leadership on and off campus. NF plans to continue sharing its energetically Evangelical approach to interfaith leadership, striking a refreshing balance between Evangelical faith commitments, interfaith leadership best practices, and a positive view of other faith traditions.