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Mount Saint Joseph University
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Mount St. Joseph University has a rich history of providing comprehensive education that is both innovative and mission-based, especially in the face of unprecedented situations — the COVID-19 pandemic is simply the latest iteration of carrying this legacy forward. The vast majority of our students have chosen to attend the Mount because the University’s heart beats at the same tempo and rhythm as theirs. Yet only 22.5% of our student body have pursued positions of on-campus leadership, and 8% of our student body have taken advantage of multiple service-oriented experiential learning opportunities, whether academically or via an extracurricular opportunity. In order to encourage more students to pursue positions of on-campus leadership, and to instill in them the qualities of a servant leader, the University will form a cross-functional team to examine ways in which experiential learning can be more deeply integrated into the academic programming, ultimately with our Common Good core curriculum, which every single student has to complete to graduate. The proposed approach will be phased in through mandatory participation by undergraduate Organizational Leadership and Management students, providing them with chances to bring to life what they learn in the classroom.