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Council of Independent Colleges
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

The Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) will facilitate the transfer of students from community colleges to private 4-year institutions in Ohio. CIC will work with the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges to form a Consortium of at least 14 CIC member institutions and 10 community colleges (total not to exceed 27) in Ohio to create transfer-ready institutions and clear pathways for students to transfer into independent colleges and universities and graduate in two years with bachelor’s degrees in English, biology, and psychology. The project will strengthen the cooperation between community colleges and independent 4-year colleges and universities in Ohio; facilitate the transfer of general education requirements; design pathways in 3 disciplines based on the Ohio Department of Higher Education Guaranteed Transfer Pathways; ensure that community college students are well-informed about their transfer options; build stronger connections between faculty members at 4-year institutions and community colleges; and increase the number of community college students who transfer to 4-year private colleges and universities and successfully complete their bachelor’s degrees.