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Providence College
Private Higher Education
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Providence College is a Catholic institution of higher education that is called on by its mission to “dialogue with others” and critically engage with the world. This commitment recognizes our responsibility to equip students with skills and tools to engage in dialogue across lines of difference and collaborate with peers with whom they disagree. These goals are especially timely given the increasing polarization, loss of trust in institutions and each other, and growing number of adaptive public problems that require new ways of thinking, acting, and educating. Conversations for Change will expand opportunities for students to engage in deep and meaningful civil discourse across campus and in the local community through PC’s Dialogue, Inclusion, and Democracy (DID) Lab, an action research lab that promotes public dialogue. The project will strategically embed civil discourse in courses and student life, offer professional development to faculty, staff, and student leaders on facilitating dialogue on disputed questions, and disseminate lessons and tools to foster skills and traits for active citizenship. Ultimately, this project aspires to educate the next generation of leaders who will make meaningful contributions, address public challenges, and promote the common good.