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Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

As a participating state consortium in the work of developing statewide transfer pathways from community colleges to independent colleges, the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges has recognized a need for a web-based technological tool that allows for transfer and degree completion planning at independent schools. To address this need, OFIC, alongside the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU), propose to work with Acadeum, a large, for-profit educational technology service provider, to develop, design, and implement this tool. The first step in this process will be a customer discovery phase to help refine Acadeum’s understanding of what participating schools, students and partners need and desire in this technology. During this phase, Acadeum will carry out surveys and conduct focus groups with key stakeholders at institutions that are participating in the transfer pathways program. NCICU and OFIC will each recruit key campus leaders (heads of enrollment management, registrars, and transfer advisors) from institutions that already do or aspire to manage a high transfer load. A final report of data collected and analyzed will be produced by Acadeum.