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Davidson College
Private Higher Education
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Our contemporary public sphere is in crisis, and constructive interaction among citizens critical for democracy is much needed. The Deliberative Citizenship Initiative (DCI) is dedicated to creating opportunities for Davidson students, faculty, staff, and the wider community to productively engage with one another on important and contentious issues facing our society. This grant will catalyze this mission through programs and courses that teach deliberative skills, reinforce humane instincts, build community, and catalyze creative solutions. The DCI’s core programs include the DCI Fellows, a group of student leaders trained to develop and facilitate small-group discussions; Deliberative Forums and Deliberative Teams, venues for facilitated deliberations on challenging topics; and the Deliberative Pedagogy Collaborative, which inspires curricular innovation by assisting faculty from Davidson and other private liberal arts colleges in developing their own deliberation-involved courses. Davidson aims to expand these programs on campus and at other colleges, create new tailored experiences to introduce first-year students to deliberation early in their college career and host additional opportunities for faculty to incorporate deliberation into their courses.