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Fred Rogers Productions
Public Educational Media
Date Approved

Fred Rogers Productions (FRP) will produce Donkey Hodie, a new educational puppet series inspired by characters from the original Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. PBS has greenlit production of 40 episodes. Plans for a website, online games, and resources for parents are in development. Donkey Hodie will engage a vast and diverse audience of children age two and up and their parents. FRP’s distribution partner, PBS, is unmatched in its capacity to make high-quality programming available to disadvantaged children who often lack access to other sources of support in early childhood. The program will help children build character by modeling and supporting the development of executive function and resilience in the face of childhood’s frustrations and challenges. The passionate and determined Donkey Hodie will inspire children to dream big, discover their own problem-solving abilities, work hard, and persevere. Donkey will win praise for not only her successes, but also for her effort, the way she learns from setbacks, and her openness to seeking help. Her fans will learn that facing fears is easier with a friend, failures can be stepping-stones to success, building skills takes time, and there’s no such thing as perfect.