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Westmont College
Environmental Solutions
Date Approved

Climate change is a global environmental challenge that raises deep questions of what constitutes responsible stewardship of the earth. The Christian tradition has abundant resources for engaging this challenge, and Christian scholars and activists have long made a compelling case that care for creation is a God-given privilege and duty. Even so, many American evangelicals inhabit a subculture that has widely exhibited skepticism or lukewarm responses toward climate change.  To facilitate transformation of this subculture, we plan to teach and equip students and faculty from evangelical Christian colleges to be knowledgeable, effective and compassionate communicators and agents of change in their campuses, churches, families and broader communities. Our action plan involves two main components: (1) a summer “Workshop on Faith and Climate” hosted by Westmont College and (2) post-workshop mentorship and financial support of climate change advocacy. We are submitting this planning grant so that we can receive support necessary to devise a full 2.5 year grant proposal, as well lay a foundation for inviting outside speakers and recruiting attendees for the summer workshop beginning in Summer 2023.