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Palliative Care
Date Approved

Palliative care education in the US is underdeveloped and varies widely. Today, our future healthcare teams are poorly positioned to serve our nation’s most seriously ill. High-quality effective and realistic clinical education solutions, tightly integrated with schools’ existing curriculum, are needed. Building on our unprecedented coverage of the nation’s medical curriculum, Aquifer is uniquely positioned to address this challenge. We propose four interrelated activities leading to an online course that will allow students to test their knowledge as they would in real practice, simulating clinical decision-making with assessment that objectively measures knowledge. Led by experienced educators, we will disseminate a consensus-driven vision, strategy and national curriculum for Excellence in Palliative Care Education. These will be integrated into an online course in the Principles and Practice of Excellence in Palliative Care. Leveraging our widely-used virtual patient cases, we will seamlessly integrate with schools’ current curricular activities. We can reach over 80,000 health professions students annually across 300 schools with high-quality training and assessment in palliative care and continuously advance and improve palliative training for the foreseeable future.