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The Pew Charitable Trusts
Environmental Solutions
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Climate change is “the most consequential threat facing humanity,” according to Harvard president Lawrence Bacow. Yet, the debate over how to address global warming is often framed solely in political terms. Absent are considerations of how religious faith influences public perceptions and moral choices, and whether religiously devout individuals feel a unique obligation to protect the divinely created world. Pew Research Center (the Center) proposes to fill this gap in knowledge by fielding the largest-ever survey of American religious beliefs and environmental attitudes, exploring how the two overlap and influence individual and societal responses to climate change. The spring 2022 survey will include a nationally representative sample of about 10,000 U.S. adults. Results will be shared with AVDF in summer 2022, prior to public release via online reports, digital products, social media, and a public discussion panel. Some questions also will be placed on the Center’s next Religious Landscape Study, extending analysis of faith and climate change to an unparalleled range of locales (including all 50 states) and religious denominations. The resulting reports and analyses will help shape the understanding and activities of environmentally inclined non-profits for years to come.