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Columbia University
Private Higher Education
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The School of General Studies (GS), a private undergraduate college within Columbia University, is home to the largest concentration of students from underserved constituencies in the Ivy League.  Two of the most popular majors at GS are Neuroscience and Behavior and Psychology.   Columbia University is one of the leading centers of neuroscience and psychological research in the world, with dozens of laboratories working at the very frontiers of human understanding:  collectively, they are trying to map the workings of the brain and see how the unceasing flux of neural activity gives rise to mind and behavior.  One would hope to find many GS students collaborating with faculty in all of this groundbreaking research; in practice, however, few are able to do so.  We propose to design a program that will rectify this situation and that will ultimately lend diversity and new perspectives to the ranks of the nation’s scientists.   (938 characters)