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Public Educational Media
Date Approved

WGBH Educational Foundation proposes to produce and disseminate a three-part, visually arresting miniseries, H2O: The Molecule That Made Us, that will be broadcast on PBS and accompanied by supporting digital, social media, and educational assets. In a powerful blend of exquisite images, scientific data, cutting-edge animation, and expert analysis, H2O: The Molecule That Made Us will examine water’s pervasive and profound role in shaping the planet and its biosphere, carving the landscape and driving adaptations and behaviors. It will demonstrate the ways in which access to and control of water have shaped human civilizations, and consider the sophisticated technologies we have developed to secure the ever-greater quantities required to produce our food supply. And it will explain the latest scientific discoveries about the ways in which human activity is changing how water behaves, resulting in more intense storms and more severe droughts, and about the extent to which we are rapidly and unsustainably depleting the planet’s aquifers. Deliverables will include the film itself, as well as short form digital videos, a dedicated website, social media assets and messages appropriately optimized to platforms, and classroom assets to be distributed by PBS LearningMedia.