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Hillel International
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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For college students today, the college campus climate has never felt more polarized and tense, and divisiveness has led to too many incidents of identity-based harassment, exclusion, and even violence. Building on past successes, Hillel seeks to grow the number of students from different faith backgrounds who have positive, high-impact, interfaith relationship-building experiences by expanding our current strategies and by piloting new student leadership development initiatives to build a bench of upcoming leaders with deeper training in this space. Our specific activities include, 1) Campus Microgrants, 2) Student Leadership Development, and 3) Capacity Building. As a result of this effort, students will annually engage in interfaith programming, building authentic relationships with students from other faith traditions and broadening their understanding of one another’s traditions. Additionally, student leaders and Hillel professionals will become more skilled, energized and empowered to create meaningful change to improve interfaith relations and understanding on campus.