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Hillel International
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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According to a recent poll conducted in the U.S., 84% of youth ages 18-29 say they believe in their power to change the country. With divisiveness at an all time high, building bridges between communities has never been more important to the work of repairing the world. Furthermore, many Jewish students desire to partner with other communities that reflect the diversity of the campus community, and that may reflect other identities they hold. 46% of Jewish adults ages 18-29 are children of interfaith families. By working with all faith communities, Hillel is able to maximize engagement of students from all backgrounds, strengthen relationships between Jewish and non-Jewish students, and ultimately heighten the movement’s ability to effect positive social change for all.

Last academic year, 31 Hillels implemented interfaith projects in partnership with at least one other faith community on campus, hosting a total of 192 interfaith events across the movement. These initiatives engaged 1800+ Jewish students and 2000+ students who did not identify as Jewish. In the year to come, Hillel seeks to build upon last year’s success. Students and professionals alike are feeling the deep impact of this work and are eager to do more of it with additional campus microgrants.