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Tufts University
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

In a religiously diverse democracy, we need citizens with a nuanced understanding of interfaith relations and visionary leaders who can speak across growing divides. This is a multi­-year project to create a new interfaith civics curriculum at Tufts that models and helps to develop a new field of inquiry, Interfaith Civic Studies. Our model integrates the academic study of religion, the lived practice of religion, and a critical reflection on how individuals from diverse religious backgrounds interact in the civic sphere for the common good. Deliverables include:1) A new “Introduction to Interfaith Civic Studies” course; 2) A new culminating capstone course; 3) A 6-course sequence for a new curricular track in interfaith civic studies; 4) A new community of practice at Tufts focused on interfaith civic studies; 5) A new national/international network of thought leaders for interfaith civic studies. Successfully implemented, this project will impact not only the students we train, but also Tufts University as an institution, and the wider conversation about the intersection of interfaith relations, religious studies and civic studies.