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Ohio State University
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy, Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Choosing a college is the most important decision prospective students make. Currently, there is no information that enables students to select an institution based on its support for spiritual and religious — or what we call — worldview diversity. We propose a two-phase strategy for addressing this problem. First, we will use the nationally-representative data collected for the Interfaith Diversity Experiences and Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS) to identify an array of policies, practices, and experiences that make some institutions more welcoming for worldview diversity than others. Based on this information, we then will design and administer a new survey that gauges what an institution is, or is not, doing to create a welcoming worldview climate. From the information collected from this new data collection effort, we will create the Welcoming Worldview Climate Index (WWCI), a consumer-friendly metric that will help students select a college based on its ability to meet their spiritual and religious needs and incentivize institutions to improve their climates for worldview diversity.