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National Fish & Wildlife Foundation
Environmental Solutions
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Native grasslands on the Northern Great Plains are being converted to other land uses at an alarming rate. The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is addressing this issue through a competitive granting process that works with rural agricultural communities and conservation organizations on projects to conserve grasslands. Projects will support technical capacity and implement conservation practices that benefit both native wildlife species and livestock production. 
The program objectives are to support conservation efforts through our partnership grants that collectively:
•       Increase grasslands connectivity through permanent land conservation efforts on 1,000,000 acres that maintain working ranches and restrict fragmentation and the loss of native grasslands  (conservation easements, grass banking, etc.).
•       Increase grassland connectivity through habitat restoration efforts on 150,000 acres (e.g. re-seeding, prescribed fire, removal of fencing, invasive plant species etc.).
•       Improve management at large scale that facilitates persistent long-term behavioral changes that benefit grasslands and focal species on 5,000,000 acres. For example, the conversion of expiring Conservation Reserve Program to managed grazing systems.