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“Learning in a Pandemic” is an expansion of NewsHour EXTRA, our popular online education resource center, to meet a sudden demand from the nation’s teachers, students and parents as they make the hard pivot toward schooling at home. This new initiative will allow our education team, led by an award-winning former middle and high school teacher, and curated by current teachers across the country, to impact learning in ways that help make history, civics, economics, and science more relevant, current and applicable to daily life – particularly in this time of crisis. Learning through the lens of daily in-depth news allows teachers to prompt discussion, inject relevance, and include the role of community and civic engagement. With the proliferation of misinformation about COVID-19, we also see an opportunity to teach media literacy, not just to students, but to educators and parents as well. In addition, we also hear from teacher members that they need lesson plans non-coronavirus related. The NewsHour seeks to double EXTRA educational content and engagement – with lesson plans, webinars, responsive mobile and tablet design tools, essays, media literacy, and increased promotion and education partnerships.