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Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education
Private Higher Education
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This six-month planning proposal is designed to achieve consensus among community colleges and four-year institutions across Pennsylvania on the general education requirements comprising the first two years of community college with clear, efficient sequences of coursework. The project team will explore dual admissions, guaranteed admissions and accelerated bachelor’s to master pathways. Major activities: Assess the state of transfer — on campuses, within and beyond the independent sector, and the statewide policies and technology platforms to determine what we can build upon; Examine models for adoption; Confirm guiding principles and pathways to implement; Create a plan that advances “from many to many or all to all.” 
The following deliverables are expected: Key findings on the current state of transfer across institutions highlighting areas for collaborative problem solving; Situational analysis identifying the potential for transfer in Pennsylvania from two- to four-year institutions Summary of models that will be pursued during the implementation period Consensus on the first two years comprising general education requirements
This process will produce a student-focused, evidence-based network that will measurably improve transfer and completion in Pennsylvania.