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Colgate University
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Colgate will use their awarded planning grant to aid in the development of a series of Colgate-specific teaching modules to be used across the curriculum to foster open and engaged dialogue. Colgate is explicit about its commitments to civil discourse on campus. For example, incoming students annually receive a pamphlet on Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression at Colgate, and the university already has programs such as “speak-easies” that foster open dialogue about complex topics and campus debates that by design present different ways of considering a fraught issue. Colgate has started planning for a residential community where faculty members and student fellows will engage in debate, model civil discourse, and provide opportunities for the entire campus to do the same. To augment these initiatives, Colgate seeks to create a toolbox that faculty might use in their classes. With support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, a pilot group of faculty from across the disciplines will spend an academic year learning best practices from colleagues at peer institutions, with the ultimate goal of encouraging open discourse, navigating difficult conversations, and mediating intellectual conflict in the classroom.