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Potential Energy Coalition
Environmental Solutions
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Only 20% of Americans realize there is full scientific consensus on climate change, and only 27% are highly concerned about it. Science Moms, our campaign to move moderate moms on climate, is part of the winning solution. This marketing program targets the highly valuable moderate, suburban mom segment with campaigns that educate them and persuade them towards strong support for climate action. In 2024 and 2025, Potential Energy’s plan is to increase growth in strong support for climate action among suburban women in our target states. Our plan is to research, test, and develop strong messaging frames that appeal to this key demographic and to launch 2-3 campaigns throughout each year to build public will for action. We will also significantly grow the public’s recognition of this group through PR and earned media. This work will include campaigns and creative assets on clean energy benefits, extreme weather, and educational content featuring our trusted messengers. By expanding our reach to suburban women, we will increase support for immediate government action on climate by over 10% in the next two years.