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There is a rapidly growing crisis in local news as nearly 1,800 communities across the United States no longer have basic news coverage and thousands must turn to hollowed out newsrooms that have been decimated.

Report for America is a movement to transform communities and strengthen democracy by eliminating American news deserts. Report for America corps members serve their communities reporting on under-covered themes. Corps members make a tangible impact: their reporting has held government accountable for a community’s lack of clean water and helped a county get new air pollution monitors.

Together, the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation and Report for America have an unprecedented opportunity to meet the moment. This year, Report for America will facilitate hiring the most local reporters in recent memory to fill critical news gaps nationwide for these communities, helping people make important decisions for themselves and their families during a challenging time.

A $250,000 grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation will enable Report for America to support seven additional full-time local reporters in public radio newsrooms across the country for one year. These reporters will fill critical news gaps and grow public radio’s representation across the corps.