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Environmental Solutions
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Human beings and the ecosystems we inhabit rely on clean water. Yet, our activities and related infrastructure gaps are contaminating the world’s water systems at alarming rates, compromising ecosystem integrity and human health. Fortunately, solutions to reduce water pollution already exist—however, many of them exist at a local or regional level and have not received enough global exposure or financial support to effectively scale their impact. Rare’s BE.Center leads Solution Search, an innovative, world-class contest to spotlight the most promising approaches that pair environmental action with behavioral science.
Solution Search combines a contest methodology, a global crowd sourcing effort, a landscape analysis, a convening of success stories, and a capacity-building initiative to unearth and accelerate how behavioral insights can help solve the world’s most challenging environmental problems. This Solution Search on water pollution aims to accelerate global action among a variety of stakeholders and bring behavioral insights into their solution toolkits. The contest will help surface practitioners, entrepreneurs, and decision makers that are successfully leveraging behavioral insights to create transformational change for water pollution around the globe.