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Interfaith America (fka Interfaith Youth Core)
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Interfaith America’s Bridging the Gap (BTG) program equips diverse college students with the skills and motivation to become future leaders in the bridgebuilding movement on their campuses, in their careers and communities, and in broader society. The model and approach offer educators tools, resources, and guidance to introduce the BTG principles into curricular settings, co-curricular activities, institutional-wide change strategies, and campus-to-campus partnerships. Students learn theoretical applications and experience practical opportunities for working with people to solve social issues even where ideological differences exist. After engaging more than 35 campuses in a variety of applications since 2020, interest in BTG is growing dramatically and Interfaith America (IA) is now well-positioned to expand and evolve the program to deepen and broaden its impact. Activities proposed include integrating BTG principles into the annual IA Summit and other core IA programs, expanding staff capacity, meeting growing interest from conservative Christian college campuses, and continuing to support BTG participants with guidance and training. This will build the necessary infrastructure to meet the need and demand within higher education to embrace bridgebuilding as a cultural norm.