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Yale University
Environmental Solutions
Date Approved

The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) will produce, test, and broadcast climate change stories to a national radio audience in order to win over those who are skeptical or uninformed. Drawing on the Six Americas framework, YPCCC will produce, test, and broadcast at least 30 climate change stories nationwide designed to increase understanding of the reality and severity of climate change among the Cautious, Disengaged, Doubtful and Dismissive, all of whom are either uninformed or skeptical about climate change. Using personal narratives and featuring diverse voices, these stories will explain that climate change is happening, human-caused, and already having severe impacts on people and places across the United States. Further, YPCCC will produce, test, and broadcast at least 50 climate change stories nationwide that motivate and guide action among the Alarmed and Concerned, most of whom are not currently acting in ways that address the problems posed by climate change. These stories will profile Americans across the United States who are taking action to reduce and adapt to climate change. YPCCC will broadcast these stories on a national network of radio stations and test them using message testing platforms with samples of these groups. YPCCC will then share learnings with the larger climate community.