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Yale University - School of the Environment
Environmental Solutions
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Climate change is an urgent global threat but public understanding remains limited, with many critical gaps and misconceptions. Communication about the issue is frequently ineffective, because audiences are not well identified or understood. Drawing on our Six Americas framework, Yale University proposes to produce, test, and broadcast climate change stories to our national radio audience to meet two goals. 1. Win over those who are skeptical or uninformed about climate change; and 2. motivate and guide action among those already alarmed and concerned about it. Deliverables include analyses identifying the types of stories that best engage each strategic audience, and promotion of these insights to professional climate communicators and the climate movement broadly. Yale will identify stories that win over the Cautious, Disengaged, Doubtful and Dismissive, as well as stories that motivate and guide actions of the Alarmed and Concerned. Impacts include improved climate understanding, motivation, and perceived social norms among a national audience of opinion leaders, and the use of the most successful narratives by climate communicators and influencers, elevating the national discourse and building effective action to address climate change.