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Drake University
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

This project will expand on the success of The Comparison Project’s Interfaith Youth Leadership Camp in two innovative ways, while also sustaining the core camp over the next three years. These expansions are a means of creating more regional and national impact and are grounded in the demonstrated interfaith needs in the upper Midwest region. The project seeks to generate more interfaith activity and engagement between university campuses in the region. In the past , this program has joined with other universities and Interfaith Youth Core through a conference; but success of this effort has been limited due to low attendance and minimal campus and community impact. This effort would be much more engaging and effective if we transitioned from the “conference” to a “camp” model, with students and faculty sponsors from colleges and universities in the upper Midwest attending a 3-day camp. The second expansion will provide interfaith literacy and leadership opportunities to adult professionals in religious, corporate, and educational leadership roles. Because diversity, inclusion, and talent recruitment are significant issues for businesses and institutions, there are frequent requests from clergy and professionals to offer an adult version of the interfaith camp.