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Public Educational Media
Date Approved

WETA will produce, market and distribute two documentary films from Ken Burns and Florentine Films. First, Emancipation to Exodus will examine the fate of African Americans after the Civil War. Slated for broadcast in 2026/2027, this 6-to-8-hour film will examine the much-misunderstood period of Reconstruction, when the federal government sought to enforce civil rights in the vanquished Confederacy. It will look at Reconstruction’s bloody and little-known collapse, as Jim Crow, lynching, and the KKK came to govern the lives of Black Americans. The second film will be LBJ & the Great Society. This four-part, eight-hour series will chronicle the life and times of Lyndon Baines Johnson, one of the most capable, colorful and controversial men ever to occupy the White House. No president’s ambition was more naked than his, and no president’s ambitions for his country were more lofty. Deliverables for both films include the film series, DVDs, educational materials created for, and public engagement opportunities across the PBS system.