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Brigham Young University
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

This proposal will work to address a need on the Brigham Young University campus to build interfaith leadership capacities and religious literacy in alignment with the AAR Guidelines for Religious Literacy. Brigham Young University is the third largest Christian university in the United States and many students have extensive experience as proselyting missionaries. However, many students do not personally know people who belong to or practice other world religions. This creates a challenge for students who enter the university and seek interfaith opportunities because they are often unequipped for success in those settings. As a Christian university, BYU maintains religious education as a core of the undergraduate curriculum and is focused on building students to lead in their religious and civic communities. Building Interfaith Leaders for Future Service to the World aims to provide curriculum and course work, experiential learning opportunities, and interfaith engagement programs to help expand the student formation aims of the university.