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Meredith College
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

This project will provide an inclusive pedagogy intervention to broaden participation of underrepresented students in STEM. An initial needs assessment will identify STEM curricula and pedagogical approaches that need to be more inclusive and equity-focused. This information will be used to design and provide an inclusive excellence workshop for faculty, who will then use professional development learning communities to make revisions based on knowledge gained and provide peer support for the change process. Revised curricula and pedagogical approaches will be used in subsequent STEM course offerings. Project data will be used to determine project success, derive recommendations for scaling to all STEM courses, and broadly disseminate findings. Anticipated short-term outcomes are increased faculty knowledge, positive attitudes, level of confidence and preparation regarding inclusive instruction, and revised curricula and pedagogical approaches reflecting inclusive excellence. Anticipated mid-term outcomes are inclusive and equity-minded STEM instruction, positive classroom climate, and recommendations for intervention scaling. Anticipated long-term outcomes are positive student affective characteristics, positive STEM performance, and intervention scaling to all STEM courses.