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Belmont University
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

In the wake of last year’s multiple pandemics (e.g., COVID, racial injustice, mental health), students’ search for Purpose in their undergraduate education has intensified. Belmont will create a signature framework within our curricular and co-curricular programs that helps students develop a sense of purpose. We will eventually achieve this through three mechanisms. This proposal undertakes several initiatives to build toward the broader framework. Belmont will offer a campus-wide course headlined by President Jones and Dr. Susan Jones with faculty partners that discusses pursuing purpose within their discipline. Belmont will pilot a Purpose Mentorship Program in two colleges that connects Belmont alumni with undergraduates to discuss specific dimensions of purpose within their vocation, including how that purpose matures from college years to their life beyond graduation. Finally, an interdisciplinary Task Force will identify college clusters with the greatest potential for collaboration on Faith-Animated Purpose in their vocational areas and begin experimenting with discipline-specific programming options for future implementation. The goal is for Belmont students to graduate equipped with a more developed sense of lifelong purpose in their personal and professional lives.