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Dominican University
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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Dominican University Ministry seeks to create intentional spaces for interfaith dialogue and exploration as a real embodiment of the University’s Catholic, Dominican mission. The Faith for Change Fellowship is designed to counter the lack of civic engagement, the dearth of religious literacy, and the pervasiveness of loneliness that are documented hallmarks of Generation Z by preparing a new generation of social change agents for a pluralistic future. Fellows will contribute meaningfully to the transformative work of faith-based communities and organizations as an invited guest (intern) in a religious tradition that may not be their own, while participating in weekly theological reflection sessions that explore interreligious dialogue, interfaith studies, and faith-based community organizing. The Faith for Change Fellowship will materially support and cultivate the leadership, career potential, and faith life of nearly thirty promising young adults from low-income backgrounds during the grant period. It will trouble the perceived physical, psychological, and spiritual boundaries between groups by immersing students in an unfamiliar faith community doing social change work and equip them to respond to this disruption with radical kinship.