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Warren Wilson College
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Is it possible to mitigate the impact of climate change through green entrepreneurship? With a popular, highly-regarded environmental studies program paired with a new business major, Warren Wilson College (WWC) is poised to educate the next generation of proactive students prepared to create market-based approaches to address environmental issues. WWC will launch a new Green Entrepreneurship program, providing interdisciplinary, hands-on, solutions-oriented opportunities for students to try new ideas and partner with the community. WWC will hire a faculty member with a background and experience in sustainable business who can teach interdisciplinary courses and create real-world partnerships for students. Deliverables include new interdisciplinary courses, student-driven business plans to address selected problems on campus and in the community, and research opportunities. The impact will be relevant experience for our students, an interdisciplinary collaboration to address local problems, and an innovative approach to combining the strengths of academia and the business community to enact ideas that can support sustainability efforts and address climate change.