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Veritas Forum
Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
Date Approved

While many universities aspire to foster dialogue and collaboration across religious traditions, student leaders in campus religious groups tend to be less attracted to university programs. Students are more eager to engage in religious programming initiated by peers; at Veritas there is an increased interest among diverse religious groups to partner together, dialogue, and bring religious viewpoints to campuses. As the polarization in our country worsens, Veritas seeks to increase the number of interreligious Veritas Forums—bringing together different religious groups in meaningful collaboration, elevating dialogue, and enhancing the contributions of religious voices to the university. Over the two-year-period of this grant, Veritas will hold 18 interreligious Forums, and participating student groups will be encouraged to apply for a grant to underwrite a post-Forum gathering. Veritas will submit a report for all post-Forum events covered by this grant. We expect that more than 50% of attending religious students will indicate an increased understanding of a religion other than their own as a result of the Forum and that student planners will report a positive experience working with students from another religious group, with indicated interest to work together in the future.