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Associated Colleges of the South
Private Higher Education
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A recent Arthur Vining Davis Foundations planning grant enabled the Associated Colleges of the South to undertake a strategic review of faculty evaluation policies and develop resources to help academic leaders facilitate conversations on their campuses about equitable and inclusive faculty evaluations. The project was intentionally not prescriptive. Rather, a toolkit of best practices was created, reflection questions, and relevant literature, and two of the campuses successfully piloted sections of the toolkit. Coordinators now seek to build upon the previous AVDF grant through the creation of an implementation guide and some additional piloting of the toolkit with the guide. ACS schools are eager to implement the extensive preparatory work done during the previous grant. Adopting the toolkit will transform specific faculty evaluation processes while also enabling shifts in institutional cultures toward inclusive excellence.  This sustained attention to faculty evaluations will center equity and provide pathways for campuses to undertake a holistic assessment of their evaluation policies.