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Marquette University
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

This project tackles the problem of the fragmentation in undergraduate education that prompts students to separate the liberal aims of their general education curricula from the professional aims of their major fields of study, threatening the value of both. Capitalizing on an existing structure in the Marquette Core Curriculum (MCC) that creates thematic connections between courses across all colleges in the university, this project uses the strengths of the liberal arts to put the pursuit of inquiry at the heart of the undergraduate curriculum. The grant will support interdisciplinary teams led by liberal arts faculty which will craft guiding questions for the five existing thematic pathways in the MCC. The questions will then become the focal point for course design in each thematic pathway, allowing faculty in all colleges to construct classes that order disciplinary expertise to the broader task of inquiry that animates the liberal arts. By building this common orientation into the core curriculum, this project will give every undergraduate direct experience with the goals of a liberal arts education not only in their required liberal arts classes but also in more specialized courses in their major, underscoring the value of a liberal education for all students.