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Public Educational Media
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In collaboration with Florentine Films, WETA will present two of Ken Burns’s upcoming series for public television audiences: Ali (2021) and The US and the Holocaust (2022). Both series will represent these well-known topics to American viewers, but with fresh inquiry and new scholarship that will challenge assumptions and stereotypes. As only a Ken Burns / Florentine Films production can do, both multi-part documentary series will provide viewers, educators, students and opinion leaders with archival and first-hand interviews to help peel back the layers of this history and connect themes to contemporary parallels. Ali will provide a comprehensive and definitive account of how religious and racial bias created the image of this sports legend for a generation of Americans. The US and the Holocaust will lay bear the misconceptions most Americans have regarding our role in the persecution of Jews in World War II. The series will ask three piercing questions: What did we know? When did we know? What did we do about it? Deliverables are the film series, DVDs, a website, educational materials created for PBSLearningMedia, and public engagement opportunities across the PBS system.