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Muhlenberg College
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Muhlenberg College proposes a comprehensive student research mentorship program called MUHLES (Mentorship of Underrepresented students for High impact LEarning in STEM) that engages students, historically underrepresented (HUR) in the sciences, with a coordinated faculty-, peer- and alumni-mentored research experience during their first year of college. The research experience will take place within a team in which interested HUR aspiring STEM students (i.e. mentees) in their first year are matched with an on-campus student research peer-mentor and a faculty research mentor on a research project of the faculty member’s design, and also paired with a HUR STEM graduate of Muhlenberg that will provide remote support. The cohort of STEM faculty and peer mentors will be trained in mentoring, and the MUHLES team will participate in activities to generate community. Mentees that complete this program will be excellent candidates for future peer research mentors which will contribute to the continued success of the program. This project will increase the number of HUR students that graduate from STEM majors at Muhlenberg; and will contribute to the diversity and ultimately the creative capacity and success of the student body and the overall STEM workforce.