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Constructive Dialogue Institute
Private Higher Education
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Our nation is entrenched in an epistemic crisis that is amplifying social divisions, eroding trust in institutions, and threatening our democracy. These trends are especially acute on college campuses, creating barriers for students to learn the skills for positive participation in a pluralistic society. The Constructive Dialogue Institute (CDI) aims to tackle this issue by expanding its research-backed programming to entire campus communities. CDI’s goal is to create systemic change by developing an institution-wide model that welcomes diverse perspectives and encourages respectful dialogue. Over the next two years, CDI will carry out four initiatives to scale its reach to 200,000 new learners. CDI’s initiatives include: (1) build and test a campus-wide offering; (2) expand direct-to-professor outreach and retention efforts; (3) pilot a Higher Ed Institutional Cohort Model; and (4) implement a distribution-partnership model to scale our tools and resources. CDI is confident that deeper engagement with colleges, which includes stakeholders across campus and embeds the principles of dialogue across various touchpoints, will lead to long-lasting depolarization that will promote and sustain civil discourse across our higher education systems.