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Independent Colleges of Washington
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

Strengthening Pathways to the Liberal Arts in WA aims to address the obstacles that community college students face when transferring to independent colleges.
This cross-sector collaborative will build upon and extend the transfer work from our planning grant by supporting existing and new faculty transfer teams, while working within the transfer governance process through the Joint Transfer Council (JTC). The goal is to increase upward transfer, especially among students historically excluded from higher education and students living on low or moderate family income, particularly to academic programs in the social sciences and humanities, where students may be able to complete baccalaureate degrees with less time-to-degree.
Deliverables include AA-DTA acceptance at 9-10 member campuses, including existing MRP/DTAs in social sciences, enabling 7 member campuses to participate in a psychology pathway, investments in prospect research to address cultural and financial barriers and ensure campus readiness, an increase in percentage of DTA earners, especially in liberal arts disciplines–and–while outside the current scope of this grant, invite authorization and proposals for future MRP/DTAs from JTC in social sciences and humanities such as English, history or related discipline.