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Nantucket Project Academy
Private Higher Education
Date Approved

The Nantucket Project is designed to be the premier gathering to build and sustain principled pluralism in America.

The Nantucket Project will bring together a network of thought-leaders and cultural influencers, allied and partner organizations, funders and potential funders, as well as other individuals and organizations that are positioned to drive impact.

The Nantucket Project will convene for its 11th annual gathering from Oct.5th-8th in Nantucket, MA. A group of 600+ dynamic speakers and attendees will engage in thought-provoking conversations with the overarching goal of strengthening the principled pluralism movement and collectively finding solutions.

The program, consisting of 40 speakers, will be supplemented by a series of TNP IdeaFilms, which deliver engaging content that efficiently energizes and informs the audience. These films, and the content that will be captured at the live event, will be packaged and distributed to a secondary online audience that will carry the message far beyond Nantucket.

The Nantucket Project is pluralism-in-action. It’s believed that gatherings play a leading role in building and sustaining cultural-change movements and the films deliver efficiency of scale that is irreplaceable by educating a wider audience in order to accelerate change.