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Michigan Community College Foundation
Private Higher Education
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Too few community college students in Michigan transfer to and graduate from independent colleges & universities for at least two reasons. First, personnel at these institutions lacks a sufficient understanding of one another’s sector of higher education, and second, institutions inadequately communicate with prospective transfer students. Michigan Community College (MCC) will engage in 3 activities to address this problem. MCC will provide intensive assistance to support independent institutions’ participation in the Michigan Transfer Network (MTN), the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA), and the MiTransfer Pathways; develop resources to demystify cross-sector misunderstandings; and develop communication guidelines to support transfer students. The deliverables include a comprehensive report on institutional participation in the 3 transfer initiatives, curated resources to support cross-sector understanding, and comprehensive guidelines for communicating with transfer students. MCC expects to increase the number of community colleges students transferring to and graduating from independent institutions, achieve universal participation in the MTN, the MTA, and MiTransfer Pathways, achieve greater cross-sector understanding, and improve communication with transfer students.