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Carnegie Mellon University
Private Higher Education
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Undergraduate research can have high impact on student learning and success. Yet, not enough is known about what makes research experiences most powerful, and few approaches have been tested beyond one-mentor-to-one-student and some discipline-specific cases. The project aims to transform undergraduate research via Exploration – Creating a team and the tools needed to design and implement multiple new approaches, Assessment – Identifying what is most impactful to guide improved designs, and Building Models – Compiling positive results into transferrable and adaptable models that can scale – at CMU and beyond. The project will focus on enhancing quality, supporting underserved students, and creating sustainable solutions. The team will include faculty; pedagogy, assessment, and inclusivity specialists; and students. The toolkit will start with resources, tools, and case studies for our team to launch the work, and then grow as we add transferrable models based on our successes. Project deliverables include professional development materials created by and for the team, resources in the toolkit, and reports on our work. This project will expand the diversity of opportunities for undergraduate research, increase the breadth of students and faculty participating, and enhance student outcomes.