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Interfaith Leadership & Religious Literacy
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At this time of rising antisemitism and Islamophobia, BRIJ, an interfaith nonprofit, is dedicated to combating bigotry through education and building solidarity between Jewish and Muslim high school students. The project, “Uncovering Narratives: A Digital History of Islam and Judaism in America,” is a series of  animated videos and interactive webpages designed to teach religious literacy and the untold history of Muslims and Jews in America. BRIJ will address two problems. First, there is a widespread misconception that Muslims and Jews are not an integral part of American history. Many would be surprised to learn both groups have been part of the U.S. since before its founding. Second, there have been few efforts to build meaningful solidarity between Jewish and Muslim high school students. BRIJ will engage high school students in the Uncovering Narratives project by forming  partnerships with 10 Muslim and Jewish high schools, who will teach this curriculum in the classroom. BRIJ will also launch the BRIJ Scholars, a mentoring program that brings together 20 high school students from these partner schools. The interactive content will bring to life untold narratives of Muslims and Jews in the U.S. and build solidarity between Muslim and Jewish high school students nationwide.