Environmental Engagement, Stewardship & Solutions

The AVDF funding history to the environment demonstrates a significant commitment over time. While a new priority, this program area has been reflected in AVDF’s philanthropic support with many projects in ongoing areas of focus that involved the environment. For example, a private higher education grant helped a diverse group of students explore environmental problems in urban surroundings; and a public educational media grant supported a documentary on America’s national parks. AVDF now looks forward to supporting projects that deepen engagement with the natural world and seek solutions to both current and emerging environmental issues.

Princeton students participate in “Exploring the Urban Water Cycle – Campus as Laboratory” which centers on the vital resource of water.
Photo courtesy of Princeton University

To strengthen our stewardship of the earth, we will address environmental challenges and climate change through public engagement and education, innovative problem solving and strategies to restore the natural balance of the environment. Potential grant recipients include organizations designated as partners that promote conservation and ecological research; sustaining species in the natural world; ending and reversing the negative effects of humans on the climate; and a deeper public understanding of challenges and opportunities in Environmental Engagement, Stewardship and Solutions.

For 2018–2020, Environmental Engagement, Stewardship and Solutions grants will be considered only from designated partners in the following general areas:

  • Programs that support research and education for faculty and students in private colleges and universities
  • Mentoring and research post-baccalaureate fellowships with selected partners
  • Academic and experiential opportunities to address climate change
  • Environmental stewardship through problem solving
  • Freshwater and marine conservation educational opportunities
  • Engaging and educating the public in partnership with media
Note: Beginning in 2020, the AVDF may consider additional partnerships in Environmental Engagement, Stewardship and Solutions.

When & How to Apply – For Designated Partners
Please refer to the information in Grantseeking organizations.

Submitted material related to the grant proposal will not be returned.
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